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Appeal an Immigration Refusal, Inadmissibility (Medical/Criminal), Criminal Rehabilitation / Pardon, Deportation / Removal Order, ​Detention Review, Authorization to Return (ARC), Misrepresentation, Protected Person Inadmissible, PERMANENT RESIDENCE, Express Entry, Federal Skilled Worker, Canadian Experience Class, Provincial Nominee Programs, Spousal & Family Sponsorship, Live-in Caregiver, Business Investor, H & C Applications, Student Visa (Study Permit), Work Permits / LMIAs, Visitor Visa / eTA, Super Visa, Caregiver Program, Temporary Resident Permit, Electronic Travel Authorization, Protected Person Application, WORK / STUDY / VISIT, CANADIAN CITIZENSHIP, Citizenship Applications, Citizenship Refusals, Passport Application, Passport Refusal, Citizenship Revocation, Citizenship Resumption


Matkowsky Immigration Law

(416) 848-7576
197 Spadina Ave suite 400, Toronto, ON M5T 2C8


Matkowsky handled our case with full experience and professionalism. While submitting supporting documents, Sonia & person who were handling our case were responsive to our comments and accommodated our requests(they did a good job, only added online up on our request). There was no process delay from Matkowsky side and I hardly called them even tough I am in different time zone. Everything was done in email with point to point discussion. With two prior rejections, we thought its gonna be tough and provided all the available info, supporting docs and with in short period of time Matkowsky did a good work in presenting solid file. I will user their services going forward too.It is nice to know there are still companies out there that have a personal touch and wonderful people to work with. Thank you again.

Ronen Kurzfeld Immigration Lawyer

(647) 490-2033
110 Sheppard Ave E Suite #630, North York, ON M2N 6Y8


Since my first meeting with Ronen and his team I knew that I was dealing with a team who were highly professional in what they do. They knew all the answers to my questions and right away offered different ways and options to deal with my visa. As time passed by I began to feel more confident and at ease with the entire process due to the extensive support I received from them. I will definitely in a heartbeat recommend them to anyone considering migration to Canada and looking for a immigration consultancy service. Their work on my case was exceptional! It is nice to know there are still companies out there that have a personal touch and wonderful people to work with. Thank you again.

Keyork Immigration Law

(416) 479-3632
5000 Yonge St #1901, North York, ON M2N 7E9


It was a great experience to work with Mary and her team in the sponsoring of my husband. Our file was quite tricky as we had been traveling a lot for the past 10 years and Mary and her team made it so easy. They always replied super quickly to their emails and were there for all our questions. Thanks a lot! It is nice to know there are still companies out there that have a personal touch and wonderful people to work with. Thank you again.

Moyal Immigration Lawyers

8 Finch Ave W, North York, ON M2N 6L1


When you meet Atty Henry you will notice right away how professional he is and how knowledgeable he is. He is very supportive and very responsive even during this pandemic. He helped me with my case and now I’ll be reunited with my family soon. I couldn’t be more happier with his service. I WILL 100% recommend him to anyone I know that would need any assistance about immigration. I know you . Thank you so much for your help! My family and I will be visiting you soon when they arrive here 🙂 thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. God bless you and more power to you Atty. Henry!!!!

Law Office of Zeeshan Ullah

(647) 869-6124
211 Consumers Rd, North York, ON M2J 4G9


Not all heroes wear capes and Zeeshan is no exception. After being lead down many dead-ends with other immigration services, Zeeshan handled our request effectively, efficiently, and at a fraction of the cost other services charge. Zeeshan is of the highest kind, quality and calibre surpassing all others - supreme.
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Traditionally, the Canada is an immigration state that admits over 300,000 new permanent residents, gets hundreds of people, and thousands and thousands of temporary pupils and workers annually. The country is also recognized for the humanitarian tradition and unwavering assistance when it comes to preserving human rights. As an integral part of this convention, Canada welcomes thousands of refugees fleeing persecution and war in their home countries. This convention has changed Canada into a society with a culture that is diverse. People who wish to immigrate to Canada need to assess different categories under which the country acknowledges people and pick the most suitable category. Our website provides in-depth explanations for why every immigration category, and thus, it should be simple for you to know the category which most suits you. Additionally, you can fill out a free assessment form supplied on our website in order to get your qualifications checked. In the event you’re not able to recognize the right class which suits your circumstances, you could contact us, and our experts can help you. With years of expertise in helping individuals from all walks of existence, the Law Office listed on Top5Biz has got the expertise and resources necessary to help all individuals who qualify for immigration to Canada. read more about Immigration Act here.


immigration lawyer north york


This area of northern Toronto is also home to a diverse population of over 635 000 people and our attorneys are very happy to supply them his experience as an immigration attorney in North York. As among the very multinational regions of the town, North York includes both ends of the financial spectrum with affluent neighborhoods such as Hogg’s Hollow, York Mills, The Bridle Path, Willowdale, along with Bayview Village and more urban high-density areas like Flemingdon Park, Jane and Finch, along with Lawrence Heights. Over 57% of the populace of North York is made up of immigrants who flock into the suburban area for quiet areas, superior schools, and many beautiful green spaces. Despite the mostly suburban nature of the municipality, North York does have a mini-downtown located in the central area surrounding Yonge St. from Sheppard Ave. south to Eglinton Ave. Development in this area continues with several large condominiums and lots of shops and companies opening their doors. North York attributes everything you might need from a big city without dealing with the traffic, smog, or even noise of being in a busy downtown center. Home to several post-secondary institutions, shopping centers, and hospitals, it’s a lot to offer immigrants and citizens alike. If you’re an immigrant at the North York area and wish to learn more about acquiring your P.R. card, becoming a citizen, or sponsoring a family member, legal lawyer in North York, today.


Permanent residence is a type of immigration status in Canada. It refers to foreign citizens who have been granted the right to live in Canada permanently, including the right to work, analysis, and access social services.Permanent residents have most of the rights of Canadian taxpayers, except they cannot vote in political elections and it isn’t possible for them to obtain a Canadian passport. Rather than a passport, permanent residents are issued a permanent home card which can be used in conjunction with their existing passport in order to go to Canada. Permanent residence can be dropped when the immigrant does not comply with the residency requirement of residing in Canada for at least two years out of five, or is convicted of a serious offense or misrepresentation. Permanent residents are able to apply for Canadian citizenship after residing happily in Canada for four years in a six year span. The preceding requirement of residing in Canada for three years out of four to be eligible for citizenship stopped in June 2015.Permanent residence can be obtained through different immigration programs offered by the Canadian government. Lots of people get permanent residence through the Skilled Worker class, and it is an application for people who have proficient work experience needed in Canada’s economy. Others are sponsored for permanent residence by their family members, such as their spouses, partners, parents or kids.

Business immigration programs

offer permanent residence for immigrants prepared to put up businesses in Canada or spend a substantial sum in Canada. The various provincial governments each have nominee applications where they can choose a limited amount of individuals each year to immigrate with their state as permanent inhabitants.There are also humanitarian programs like the refugee program which allow for men and women that are in Canada and who are unable to go back to their home country to apply for permanent residence.Record Canadian citizenship is obtained automatically by being born in Canada, or from warrior in which a parent is a first-generation Canadian citizen. In the event of permanent citizens, citizenship could be implemented for after living in Canada for a specified residency period.

Canadian citizenship

includes certain privileges that are not appreciated by permanent residents, like the right to vote , along with the ability to get a Canadian passport. Permanent citizens of Canada might apply for Canadian citizenship after residing in Canada for a minimum legally-specified period of time. This way of getting citizenship is referred to as”naturalization”. The children of naturalized Canadian citizens will even automatically obtain citizenship even if they are born overseas. Canada allows dual citizenship, so those permanent residents who obtain Canadian citizenship can also keep their original citizenship, assuming the laws of the other country also allow dual citizenship. People who have registered a citizenship application is going to be asked to attend and pass on a knowledge of Canada exam. A permanent resident applying for citizenship who’s under the age of 55 or over age 17 must show an adequate knowledge of Canada. The knowledge test relies on the information in a government booklet named Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship. This booklet will be supplied to each citizenship candidate ahead of the evaluation. It comprises short introductory info about the history of Canada and its social and political structure, etc.. The test will be administered at writing and has 20 multiple-choice questions. The pass mark will be 15 correct answers. If the candidate fails the exam, he or she will be granted an opportunity to re-write it. If the applicant fails , they will be given a consultation with a citizenship officer that will conduct the test once more .Sometimes the citizenship authorities may not be satisfied that the applicant has fulfilled the residency requirement to qualify for citizenship. In such cases they will issue a Residency Questionnaire into the applicant requiring them to present extra information and documentation to establish that they have been in Canada for the necessary period. The documentary demands of a Residency Questionnaire could be rather daunting and onerous, and it’s to be anticipated that the processing of this Questionnaire will result in a significant delay in the processing of their citizenship application.In cases where a Residency Questionnaire was issued but after considering the additional information that the citizenship government are still uncertain as to if the applicant is fulfilling the residency requirement, they’ll subsequently convoke the applicant for an interview using a Citizenship Judge.The Judge may interview the applicant to any concerns associated with their absences from Canada and also the documentation used as proof, and according to this will make a last decision as to whether citizenship ought to be given.

Citizenship Applications on Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds

Even the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration has the discretion to give citizenship to relieve cases of unique and unusual hardship, or to reward services of exceptional value to Canada. Statelessness has been added as a standalone floor which could be a foundation for a discretionary grant of citizenship. The revised Act also demands that the citizenship authorities take under consideration reasonable measures to accommodate someone who is handicapped. These provisions could be invoked in situations where a citizenship program is unable to fulfill each the requirements for citizenship because of specific circumstances in which it would cause a hardship to the applicant if citizenship is not allowed, or in which a candidate is stateless or disabled.Citizenship CeremonyPeople who have fulfilled the citizenship government that they meet the residency requirement and also have passed the language and comprehension examinations will be scheduled to get a citizenship ceremony where they’ll be granted citizenship. As part of the ceremony that the applicant will be required to swear an oath of loyalty to Canada. The brand new citizen will then be provided a card based on their citizenship status. Citizenship AppealsPersons whose citizenship applications were refused have the option of appealing the decision to the Federal Court in 30 days. Therefore it is not a complete appeal in that no new evidence could be provided nor is there any testimony from witnesses. The court will review the citizenship official decision in light of the evidence on file and will decide whether the decision was made lawfully, i.e., was it reasonable, fair, in authority, and in accordance with the law. If the court finds that the choice was made illegally, then it will send back the case to the citizenship government with an arrangement to allow them to re-decide it directly in compliance with the law.



Persons who simply desire to see Canada for business or for fun might need to acquire a Temporary Resident Visa before doing so. These visas could be solitary or multiple-entry, and usually allow a visitor to enter and remain in Canada for up to 6 months at a time. Generally speaking, when analyzing an application for a Temporary Resident Visa, the immigration authorities will consider the purpose of the trip, if the applicant has enough funds to support themselves during their stay, and also whether the applicant is likely to return to their home state at the end of the visit. If the visa applicant has a good reason for wanting to come to Canada and otherwise meets the criteria, then they will likely be accepted. On the other hand, the approval of the type of visa application is extremely optional on the part of the visa officer, and a correctly prepared program is essential for success.Read More For those who wish to apply for a Temporary Resident Visa to Canada, our firm can assist with the procedure for ensuring the program is correctly documented. Similarly, if you are in Canada using a Temporary Resident Visa and would like to revive it so as to extend your stay in Canada, we can help with all facets of this procedure. Please contact with us for more information.


People who wish to examine in a Canadian college, such as at a college or university, can apply for a study permit which will permit the applicant to remain in Canada as a temporary resident for the duration of his or her studies. For instance, a person that has been accepted to a three-year university program could possibly have the ability to get a study permit valid for three years. To be eligible the applicant should have been formally admitted to some Canadian faculty and be in a position to show that they have sufficient funds to cover their studies and living costs during the time they’re in Canada. Applicants should prove to the immigration authorities’ satisfaction that they will leave Canada at the end of the authorized stay.Obtaining a research permit in Canada can permit the student to eventually transition into Canadian permanent dwelling. In this aspect, once the pupil has successfully completed their course of study into Canada, then may apply for a Post-Graduate Work Permit valid for up to three years. This work permit will allow the former pupil to remain in Canada and work whole time for any company. If the former pupil is able to obtain at least one year of full time, proficient work experience, they may then qualify to apply for permanent residence through the Canadian Experience Class or other national or provincial programs.Read Matthew Jeffery Law Office can assist you to make an application for a research permit in case you have gained entrance to a Canadian school and also have financial help for your studies. Please contact us for more information.SUPER VISASA Super Visa is a type of visitor visa which permits parents or grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents to go to Canada for up to two years at a time. They are typically 10-year multi-entry visas. To qualify for this a visa that the Canadian child or grandchild must show that they have enough earnings to support the visit, and the visiting parents or grandparents should pass a medical examination and buy medical insurance. Aside from that, the immigration authorities will use the same evaluation of their visa program together with customer visas, like creating a determination of whether the parent or grandparent is likely to come back to their home state at the conclusion of their trip. In this aspect, the law enforcement will examine factors such as whether the candidate has property and other family in the home state, is used there or has some other reason they would return home. The political and economic stability of their home country will also be a factor to be considered, since grandparents or parents from an unstable country may not want to go back there once they are admitted to Canada. Provided that the immigration police are satisfied that the candidate meets all standards and are likely to obey the rules related to their staythey will trouble the Super Visa. If you need our help with your situation, please contact us now for further information.


Work permits are usually applied for from outside of Canada. Some types of work in Canada do not need that a person acquire a work permit. A good instance of the type of exemption is foreign pupils. A foreign national in Canada using a research permit may work part-time without the necessity of acquiring a work permit.Where a work permit is necessary, it’s occasionally feasible to get the work permit without first having to receive approval by the human resources authorities. Kinds of work permits that are exempt from individual sources validation include work permits for spouses of overseas students and workers. Teachers and intra-company transferees, and other individuals whose occupation will bring a considerable benefit to Canada can also obtain a work permit under this category. Furthermore, there is a unique exemption for overseas students who have completed a course of research in Canada. These students can apply for an open Post-Graduate Work Permit valid for up to three decades.Moreover, some types of employees from certain states do not need human resources acceptance. Citizens of the USA and Mexico will apply for work permits under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) whenever they’re professionals, business visitors, intra-company transferees, or traders or investors. Citizens of countries that are signatories to additional treaties such as the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) and the Canada-Chile Free Trade Agreement (CCFTA) can also be able to profit from this sort of HRSDC approval-exempt labour permit.Get Professional Help