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We personally handpicked the best Business Lawyers in GTA based on our 100 point inspection process which includes everything from checking reviews, ratings, reputation, history, complaints, satisfaction, trust and cost to the general excellence. We make finding the best businesses in your city easy as 1-2-3.

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For-Profit, Not-For-Profit, Co-operative and Professional Incorporation, Partnerships & Limited Partnerships, Discretionary Family & Other Trusts, Shareholder Agreements, Consulting and Employment Agreements, Stock Option Agreements ,Trademark and Copyright Registration,  Charitable Status Registrations, Commercial Lease Agreement,Exchange Listings and Compliance, Public and Private/Exempt Offerings, Organizational Governance and Compliance, Business-to-Business Contracts,Joint Venture Agreements,Loan Transactions, Debt Collection, Employment Law,IP Licensing and Defense,Real Estate Transactions & Mortgages

Wrigh Law


(416) 915-4139

100 King St W Suite 5700, Toronto, ON M5X 1C7

Frank Maidens
Frank Maidens
Nick incorporated our design business 6 years ago and has been an incredible member of the team ever since. We highly recommend his services to any young or established business that needs reliable corporate counsel.Wright Business Law manages all our corporate filings which saves a lot of mental bandwidth on our end. Nick also set us up with a terrific suite of project contracts to help us manage a wide range of client engagements. We can’t understate the value of Nick’s abilities here – his contract templates have given us tremendous confidence when negotiating and executing various design services.Nick also has an expansive knowledge of business law and has been able to guide us through equity proposals, intellectual property disputes, and other legal conversations as required. His communication is always straight-forward, which we very much appreciate when the legalese gets thick.Our business is healthy and thriving thanks largely to our long-standing partnership with Wright Business Law!

Jonathan Kleiman


(416) 554-1639

1235 Bay St #700, Toronto, ON M5R 3K4

Colleen Burns
Colleen Burns
We hired Mr. Kleiman in 2018 for assistance with a door to door sales contract scam. He responded promptly and gave us good advice. He took on our tricky case and managed to get us some satisfaction. We absolutely would not have achieved this without his representation in Small Claims court. He remained in close and prompt communication throughout and was a consummate professional every step of the way, respecting and supporting our decisions completely. Based on our experience we would recommend his services. Colleen Burns and Kathy Gfroerer


40 Eglinton Ave E Suite 710, Toronto, ON M4P 3A2

Catalin Vint
Catalin Vint
If you want to have real experts guide you through the process then you need to talk to Matthew’s team. The moment I walked into their office I knew I was in the right place. All my questions were answered promptly and I was given the best options given my asks. The paper process was as simple as giving them my ID and telling them what my business name would be. That was it. The next day I received all the relevant papers and emails with the contacts they said they will share with me in order to kick start my business. Thank you very much guys. It was a real pleasure dealing with real professionals.

(416) 977-6666

Suite 300, 425 University Avenue Toronto, ON, Canada, M5G 1T6

Christine Sweeton
Christine Sweeton
Wanted to work with this firm after my initial research stage - then when I started getting quotes they also offered a flat rate for some services making them the more affordable option in my case. Win-win! Level of expertise and client services is incredible. Very happy!


22 Adelaide St W #3400, Toronto, ON M5H 4E3

Walter D'Mello
Walter D'Mello
We are happy to have used the services of BLG, they have been prompt and professional. In particular we would like to thanks "Lillian Aguilar" who has been fantastic and super diligent in her work. Thank you.
Canadian Business Law Introduction,

What is Business Law? A brief information page to help you make the right decision.

business law toronto business directory



Before we get into business law, let’s answer what might sound like a simple question: what precisely is a lawyer? The truth is that there are many kinds of attorneys with various specialties and techniques. Some attorneys prosecute or defend offenders , others advocate for civil rights, and others can go nearly their whole career without putting foot in a courtroom!

A Toronto business lawyer’s specialty are reviewing a contract, litigating in court, negotiating a bargain, or consulting business owners — and that is just a fraction of the scenarios in which we find ourselves. Great small business lawyers are flexible and knowledgeable problem solvers that are always looking to aid their clientele.


Business attorneys help business owners solve problems. Maybe more importantly, business attorneys help business owners understand the problems they are facing and which issues they may face later on.

Starting and Choosing The right Type of Business — Choosing between an Partnership, Registering a Corporation, Sole Proprietorship, or another business type? The decision can be costly to repair and also the problems may not be apparent for ages!
Writing Contracts — What forms do you need when hiring workers or bringing on a new customer? Do they need to signal any type of waiver? What if the forms say? Business attorneys can help draft contracts to meet the distinctive demands of your business.

Disputed Contracts & Breaches of Contract — What happens when a contract has been contested?

There is A client currently paying? A worker shares secrets? A company attorney will negotiate and advocate on your behalf, even if necessary, filing a lawsuit.
Mergers & Acquisitions — Thinking about buying out a competitor?

Being acquired by a bigger company? Joining forces with another business? Don’t make the mistake of having a company lawyer to counsel and guide you.

Resolving Business Issues & Claims — Even the most prepared and well-meaning business proprietor can run into issues associated with disability and sick leave, discrimination, sexual harassment, and workplace safety. A business lawyer represents them if a problem arises, and educates clients on practices and pertinent laws.
Compliance & Risk Management — New and even established companies gain from an experienced business lawyer who can advise on compliance issues and develop systems to monitor and minimize risk.
Real Estate & Property Disputes — Whether your company owns land or rentals it, you will likely require the aid of a business attorney. Business lawyers negotiate sales and leases, navigating real estate and tenant legislation.

Yes but only when we will need to. Don’t get us wrong — it is not that business attorneys are not skilled litigators who have great pride in representing our clients in court in Toronto and Canada. But often times there’s a better solution to your dispute and save our customers’ valuable time and money than going to a Ontario court with lawyers cost and so on.

And in many of those cases, a quick consultation with a Toronto business lawyer could’ve prevented all of those problems you may have so discussing your business law issues with one the best business attorney in Toronto can help you resolve your issue faster and more efficient.

As a business owner, if you ever catch yourself thinking”I don’t need a lawyer, I can handle this myself,” it is probably a fantastic time to talk to a business law firm in Toronto and find out for certain. Your time is much better spent than attempting to solve a situation on your running your business. Hiring a right legal representative is crucial

The cost related to a business attorney service in Toronto depends on the Law firm you choose and their cost.

Forecasted Budgeting — In straightforward issues like LLC formations,Lawyers generally have a fantastic idea of how long a matter will take to resolve. A forecasted budget sets aside a set amount of hours (generally at a discounted rate).
Hybrid Fees — When litigating cases, our hybrid vehicle fee arrangement combines the advantages of contingency and hourly fees. It maximizes your return on investment and gives you a very clear expectation of what work we’ll do.
Some company lawyers may bill exclusively by the hour. Can you see the drawback ? The law firm is incentivized to spend time on the case to make the most of their revenue.

The best choice to safeguard your interest in to speak to our recorded business law firms and ask whether it’s a Corporate law, registering a company or a company law question, we are here to assist.

business lawyer toronto business directory
Canadian Business Law Introduction, What is Business Law?
Introduction to Business Law

A company is a legal structure that’s often employed by people as a means to carry on business. For a business to be a company it is required to integrate its business under the law. After a business goes through this process and legally becomes a company, it is currently regarded as a distinct individual under the law. In a company, there are a number of unique parties such as directors, shareholders and lenders.


A corporation is owned by its shareholders in that each
shareholder owns a multiple shares of the company in return for the money or resources they invest. Based on the type of corporation, there may be just a couple of shareholders or a high number of shareholders that jointly own the business. Frequently you will hear or see about the news about the stock exchange and also the value of certain shares. The purpose of the stock exchange is to create a place for people to get and sell shares of businesses. Occasionally one company can own another corporation, thus rendering it the parent company; the company it owns is referred to as the subsidiary.
The board of directors subsequently elects the officers of the company (e.g. principal executive officer, chief operating officer, vice president, etc.) to handle the daily events, together with the employees of the corporation. Ahead of the directors and officers can make important decisions, the shareholders will need to agree with the choices being made. Often a meeting is called where the shareholders are given the opportunity to vote (usually 1 vote per share) on the choices being considered.
Since businesses expect a lot of cash to operate, they often take out loans that they have sufficient money to do things such as advertise, purchase equipment or property, or pay providers. Often corporations take loans out from leading banks or other men and women who have enough money to contribute to these companies. Those giving loans to the corporation are called creditors. The corporation agrees to pay back the loan, usually with interest over a period of time. Businesses struggle financially to many reasons like a lousy economy or bad direction.
Businesses could have the ability to improve their financial situation or they might not have enough cash to continue, and so must declare bankruptcy. Bankruptcy happens when the provider legally declares that it is unable to pay money owed to its creditors. Once a company goes into bankruptcy, a trustee is made, either privately or with a court, to carry over the business
and manage its own affairs. In most bankruptcy cases, the trustee will then ascertain each of the parties owed money from the company (the creditors) and then would sell Elements of the business to other people and utilize the money to repay the loans that the company still owes

Directors and Officers Duties and Obligations

In running the business on behalf of the corporation, directors and officers must meet two separate
duties: the Fiduciary Duty and the Duty of Care. If a director or officer does not fulfill one of the
duties owed to the corporation, the corporation can sue the directors or officers for a breach of their duties. Section 122(1) of the Canada Business Corporations Act (CBCA) is where the law
assigns these duties to the directors.


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