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I have been dealing with Ashraful Karim on family court matters, he has been very good to work with and he actually cares about his clients not just their bank accounts. A great man and wonderful service.

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Hane Chung from Powell Litigation helped us for our needs, the whole process was very professional starting from the prompt meeting time setup. On time meeting and very helpful with time availability as well as suggestions. in the end she delivered on time and got us the desired results, so we were very happy with the service irrespective of the outcome. Would definitely recommend their services to our clients and would return in future if we have a need.

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Our family is very thankful for results that Mr. Chsherbinin delivered in our complex immigration and citizenship cases, despite slow-downs caused by COVID-19. Mr. Chsherbinin is a very positive and diligent lawyer. He has great personality, knows his stuff, takes proactive steps and really guides you through the process. 100% you will save you time and energy!!!!0

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It was a great pleasure working with ASK Legal. Anthony was very knowledgeable, patient, and responsive throughout the case. I highly highly highly recommend reaching out to him for legal help. I felt relieved every time we spoke whenever I had a concern. He truly cares about his clients and always gives his most honest opinion; looking out for their best interest. Thank you, Anthony.

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look no further. If your looking for a law firm that's helpful, responsive, l and thoughtful, this is it. They walked me threw the process of custody of my son. It was done in a timely manner, many of the lawyers I dealt with were very nice and they won my case for me:) I felt instantly relieved.They are incredibly professional, actually at court the judge was complimenting my lawyer on how well he had put together some paperwork for her.They really do work hard and pay attention to detail and it shows! At this law firm your voice matters and they work hard to get what your asking for in family court. thank you Barry and law associates.
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Starting a Civil Litigation Claim:

 Giving note means allowing the party responsible for your harm understand which you suffered an accident and that you just hold them accountable. Giving notice isn’t the exact same thing as beginning a suit. In some specific conditions, you need to give notice when you’ve endured an accident to permit the reverse party an chance to quickly explore your claims.

Notice periods are normally quite brief. Underneath the Injuries Act, 2001, before having a municipality you need to give notice in 10 days of your accident.

The information which has to be contained in the note must meet specific legal conditions. It’s ideal to seek out the guidance of an attorney in preparing the note.

There are two conditions under which the injured individual isn’t required to provide notice over the 10-day period. The courts have decided that a fair excuse for failing to provide notice of an accident over the ten-day interval may include such things rather than being emotionally or physically fit to do so.

Limitation periods for beginning a litigation
Along with providing notice of an accident, there are definite intervals for beginning a lawsuit. The limitation period may change based on matters such as that led to the harm and the way it had been continuing.

In Ontario, for many things, the plaintiff has two decades to start the litigation, either by the date that the accident occurred or by the date notice has been granted (whatever is appropriate ). By way of instance, if you’re having a municipality, the Provincial Crown, a doctor, physician, builder, engineer or physician, the restriction period is generally two years from the date that you knew or should have known about the accident. In the instance of the Provincial Crown, but the claimant should wait at least 60 days after giving notice prior to beginning the litigation.

If you’re suing for reimbursement as a consequence of an accident or loss brought on by a criminal action, the restriction period is two decades, even though it could possibly be extended using a judge’s approval. Should you start your lawsuit after the restriction period has expired, then you might be prevented from tripping and out of getting compensation for the injury or loss.


Small Claim Court 

The advantages of utilizing Small Claims Court would be the reduced prices of filing and working documents and which you could proceed relatively quickly and easily without needing to be directly represented by a lawyer. But you might choose to see a lawyer to make sure you move in a timely manner, your records are completed correctly and you have covered all your legal issues.

But when using the Simplified Procedure, your claim should be for a lot of these: cash, property (e.g. property ), and private property. Sometimes, even if the claim is for over $100,000, then you might nonetheless have the ability to use the Simplified Procedure procedure, unless the Defendant items.


By reducing quite a few time-consuming and pricey measures, for example pre-trial discoveries, this process is less costly and quicker than a normal trial under routine procedures. Even though the practice is simplified, it’s still too complex for many people, and you’ll probably require the guidance of a lawyer.

Suing for about $100,000 or more

If you’re suing for more than 100,000, the processes and legal demands of your situation are more complex and you may, consequently, require the support of a lawyer.

General measures involved with a litigation

You can also need to take part in required mediation, or wait for an examination for discovery or to get pre-trial moves. Generally, suits are settled prior to the proper trial starts.

In choosing whether to sue a person, you must bear in mind that the person you’re suing can generate a counterclaim on your proceedings, claiming that actually you caused injury or loss. If the counterclaim is powerful, you might wind up not losing your maintain, but also paying the suspect’s claim along with their court expenses. It’s crucial to ascertain whether your claim is still legitimate before you begin a lawsuit. Otherwise, you might get a pricey judgment .


While the great majority of civil suits get to trial as they’re settled out of court or left handed, the normal case frequently goes to trial over two weeks to five decades. It takes so long since the justice system demands that each sides have sufficient time to prepare a circumstance, get adequate notice of every phase in the legal actions and also be in a position to explore all the opportunities to mediate or settle the dispute before participating an appointment in a court.

It ought to be said that small claims activities tend to be handled faster because they involve fewer prep and fewer measures. A normal smallish claims activity will probably be heard by the court over 6-9 months.

Class Action Lawsuit

Class actions are lawsuits which involve a set of men and women that have suffered a similar kind of injury in precisely the exact same cause. Instead of every individual starting their particular litigation, they combine to sue the specific individual or business to get reparation. By way of instance, a number of individuals may have been hurt by a faulty product or might have endured harm and monetary losses as a consequence of a significant injury. Usually, 1 individual or a small set of individuals start the litigation, along with others joining as time goes by. They might be officially informed of the litigation by email, or they might only read about it from the paper.

Legal representation is obviously necessary when bringing a class activity, and also the category of plaintiffs have to be accepted or’certified’ by the courtroom.


If you’re the very first or primary person beginning the litigation, you’re known as the agent plaintiff. Being the agent plaintiff usually means you might be responsible for paying off the defendant’s costs if you eliminate the litigation and you don’t receive any financial aid in the other plaintiffs.

If you aren’t the initial or primary plaintiff however are advised that you are a part of a class moving, then you have the option of remaining in the course or picking out. By opting out, you won’t be involved with the court proceedings and you won’t be eligible to share in any money given to additional members of this course.


The Mandatory Mediation Program premiered in Ontario to supply those involved with a litigation with an alternate to the traditional court procedure. By employing compulsory mediation, it’s expected that the people and companies involved in suits will conserve both money and time.

Choosing a mediator

Over 30 days from the date which the defence has been registered, the parties need to pick a mediator from a roster of qualified private industry mediators created by a regional Mediation Committee. In the event the parties can’t agree to a situation, the regional Mediation Coordinator will punish you for them.

The minimal duration of a mediation session will be three hours, but if it’s the session is more and the number of sessions are needed depend on many different factors. These comprise:

That the intricacy of the instance,
how nicely the parties have ready for the mediation,
just how much they’ve progressed in settlement negotiations, also
if the mediation procedure is functioning.
Parties aren’t required to keep mediation for at least three hours. Additionally, the mediator might finish the mediation until that time when the situation is settled or whether he or she determines that the practice isn’t functioning for your parties involved. In the event the parties haven’t solved their difficulty at the conclusion of the 3 hour mediation, but believe they would love to continue with mediation, then they could make arrangements for additional mediation sessions right with the plan.



Just how much does mediation price?

All parties at a mediation discuss the price of the mediation session both and cover the plan directly to their services. Court-ordered mediation charges are determined by the authorities and include a lot of prep time plus also a three-hour mediation session. Anything over this amount has to be consented by both parties prior to the mediation session.

People who aren’t able to manage the mediation fees may get the services by acquiring a legal aid certificate or simply by fulfilling with the Ministry of the Attorney General’s financial qualifications evaluation.

Prices of mediation periods beyond the first three hour semester, should be consented upon by the parties and the plan prior to the initial mediation session. Even if the situation doesn’t settle in the compulsory mediation session, then the parties may at any time willingly pursue another mediation session anytime prior trial.

Based on recent polls of Canadian attorneys, it could cost upwards of $10,000–$25,000 to choose a litigation during the conventional litigation process and also a trial. Small claims actions price much less and frequently involve little over a little filing fee and yet another penalty to serve files on the other hand.

Ordinarily in a civil litigation, it may charge $1,500-$5,000 to start an act and also have a lawyer deliver a Record of Claim. Responding into the opposing side’s files and conducting assessments for detection will probably require just another $3,500-$5,000. None of this involves some conclusions of this court which will go against you personally. It’s simple to know why a lot of suits pay out of court.

Nevertheless, along with whatever remedies or damages a court awards, even a thriving party is generally eligible to regain so-called”prices” and a few of those”disbursements” incurred starting or defending a lawsuit. Additionally, the prices which could be awarded could be impacted if either party sent a written Offer to Deal prior to trial.